Generator Set

1500-kW/ Complies with any manufacture

Generator Enclosure Temperature Range

0 to 40°C (1)(2)

Cooling Package Temperature Range

0 to 40°C (1)(2)


100 mASL (1)(2)

Overall Dimensions

L468” x W134” x H162”

Approx. Weight (3)

65,000 lbs.

Noise level (4)

75dBA @ 7m

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(1) Ambient and altitude conditions can cause derate to generator

(2) Ambient and altitude conditions determine gen set package ventilation and cooling package selection

(3) Dry weight, final weight dependent on options to be included within enclosure

(4) Noise level based on linear average of eight measurements points taken around perimeter of enclosure, in free field conditions (measurement points located 1.2m above ground level and 7m away from enclosure surface)


The Enercon Engineering Walk-In Sound Attenuated Enclosure for all engine manufacturers provides opportunity to purchase Enercon Engineering designed, manufactured, tested and guaranteed sound attenuated. Enclosures can be witness tested prior to dispatch. Enclosures come with genset up fit complete, reducing installation time at site and allowing rapid commissioning at final site.


Low Noise Level – 75dB(A)-85dB(A)-@7M

Integrated Silencer System

Walk In Enclosure, rated to 100mph

Easy installation on site


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General enclosure

Durable, weather-resistant steel construction, treated for corrosion resistance.


Mineral wool covered with perforated galvanized metal sheets


Finish Color RAL 9001 white, painted with high solids urethane paint for durability and appearance.

Gen set mounting

Integral within enclosure base and sized according to static requirements.


Integral sub-base fuel tank.


Lined with mineral wool acoustic insulation and perforated galvanized metal sheets. Sloped to shed water.


Folded steel sheet panels mechanically fastened in position.
Lined with mineral wool acoustic insulation and perforated galvanized metal sheets.

Personnel access doors

Doors are supplied as required to provide service and personnel access. Doors are fitted with:• hinges• heavy duty handles• industrial lock• door latch• slam-lock type closing, complete with internal panic release button

Exhaust pipework

Internal pipework is insulated as required to prevent additional heat loads to the interior of the enclosure.Gen-set consist to include stainless steel flexible fitting from genset to exhaust system.

Exhaust silencer

Critical grade muffler located within enclosure.
Thermal expansion is taken into design consideration.
Vertical discharge of exhaust gases through enclosure roof, complete with rain cap.

Enclosure ventilation

Combustion and Cooling Air enters enclosure through enclosure end, via integrated inlet hood.
Exhaust Air exits enclosure through gravity louvers on enclosure end, and discharges vertically via outlet hood.

Fuel System

UL142 double walled sub-base 2600 gallon fuel tank, and interconnecting supply and return pipework to generator included.
Alarm panel for Tank Leak Detection, and High/Low Fuel Level .
Fill point, bungs and vents located at end of tank, external to enclosure.


All cabling is secured and protected


120 VAC bulkhead type fluorescent lamps are installed and wired to auxiliary power.Providing high quality, warm white color, complete with reflector, safety guard. Grounding connected to all necessary points.24 VDC LED bulkhead type emergency lighting, fitted above each door, powered from the genset battery via a timed switch located at the door.

Emergency push buttons

Two (2) emergency stop push-buttons provided, one (1) on each side of enclosure.Located close to access doors.

Genset power cable exit

Cable exit via stub up in sub tank base.

Cable exit supplied with a solid gland plate to be drilled and glanded as required at site by others.


Double doors Will every enclosure have the 12-foot venting as a standard?



Skid base in lieu of tank base

Spill Containment Will the fuel base have spill containment or just the standard base


Fuel System

Triplex Fuel Filters

Overfill Protection Valve

Tank vent terminating  at height of 12’

Overfill Protection Valve

24 hour (2690 gal) fuel tank *  They will use around 104.8 Gallons of fuel at full load per hour of 2,515.2 gallons in a 24-hour time you are showing a 2690-gallon fuel tank. You have 2-inch lift on the fuel inlet tube and are allowing for fuel expansion would take out the gallons just in case or just say 3000 like everyone else will do.(Is the fuel tank 2600-gallons or 2690 you have two different gallons on the cut sheets).



Interior Receptacle (x1)



Cold Weather Package              includes               -           Motorized Inlet Louvres

Space Heater (5kW)

Cold weather package how low is the ambient. You say cold weather is good for the Artic


Applicable Standards

Codes and standards of the following organizations as referenced in this document are a part of this specification:


Underwriters Laboratories                                               UL

                                                                                                                Above Ground Flammable Liquid Tanks


National Fire  Protection  Association             NFPA     

                                                                                NFPA30                 Flammable and Combustible Liquids                                                                                                                 Codes

                                                                                NFPA37                 Installation and Use of Stationary                                                                                                                    Combustion Engines and Gas Turbines

                                                                                NFPA70                 National Electric Code (NEC)


Occupational Health and
Safety Administration                                        OHSA


Will this enclosure meet all the Certifications UL, NFPA, 30, 37, 70, OHSA (How high id the fuel tank you may need steps with hand rails for OHSA)

Built to (Not Certified) Why list it IBC and ASCE7-10 this will not help I need certification



Built To, (Not Certified)

International Building Code                              IBC         


American Society of Civil Engineers                 ASCE      

                                                                                ASCE7-10              Minimum Design Loads for Building and                                                                                                                other Structures  




Certifications and Standards


Optional Equipment


Easy installation on site


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World Wide Product Support

Enercon Engineering provides extensive post sale support including maintenance and repair agreements.

Materials and specifications are subject to change without notice.


*24 hour fuel tank will impact on overall / shipping height of enclosure


Standard Factory Installed Equipment


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