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Product Support Team

(A dedicated team to meet your Retrofit needs)

Product Support Team –A dedicated team with a specific focus on retrofits and upgrades to existing gear.  Determine offerings with pricing for specific products.  Complete site assessments to fully understand the scope of work. Communicate the costing, and scope boundaries associated with existing equipment in the field.  Primary goal is to satisfy the customer through detailed proposals and a clear understanding of the areas of responsibility while maintaining profitability for the company.  Work with team members to grow the business in this area.  Job responsibilities include Quoting, Design, Programming, Testing and startup as required. Retrofit


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Team Members:

Sales, Applications and Engineering – Dave Kimmey -

Phone (309)-427-4671

Applications, Engineering, and Programming – George Anglin -

Phone (309)-427-4689


Retrofit Level definitions


Level 1: Individual parts replacement.  Quoting a few replacement parts while not addressing the total control panel, as a system.  Warranty covers only the replaced parts and requires good documentation to ensure peripheral equipment or other items in the panel do not cause failures either in the new part or other. 

Level 2: Replacing major components as a set.  Items such as relays, terminal boards or other non-critical items may be reused.  All major electronic or programmable devices will be considered. Sequence of Operation SOP can be altered, updated or changed based on project requirements. Warranty covers only replaced parts.

Level 3: Removal all controls while leaving the power envelope, PT’s and CT’s.  Replacement door plates and pans.  All new controls will be supplied.  SOP reviewed and verified.  Updated as required. All controls, sequences, programming, wiring, and devices are covered under warranty.

Level 4: Non salvageable after site assessment and requiring, Total gear replacement. Total system warranty.


  • PLC Update – (Replace old or obsolete PLC. Upgrade to current technology.  Update or reverse engineer the logic)
  • Touchscreen Update – (Replace old, obsolete, or faded and burned in touchscreen)
  • Replace Engine Controls - (Replace old or obsolete engine controls with current technology.  Simplify and reduce components required to operate.)
  • Obsolete Circuit Breaker Replacement
  • Complete Equipment Replacement (Retro-fit existing cabinets and reuse only the power envelope or all new gear)
  • Spare and/or Replacement Parts
  • Enclosure/Power Module Reconditioning – (Update controls and simplify operations. Configure for remote control. Can send Power module or controls to Enercon for work to be completed and tested)
  • Switchgear Reconditioning
  • Non-Enercon Equipment (Will work on any gear or controls)
  • Update of Equipment Capabilities (add remote monitoring or SCADA interface)
  • SCADA/Remote Access/Annunciator
  • Ongoing Service/Maintenance Contract
  • Multifunction Metering (Replace old analog meters with solid state metering)
  • Multifunction Solid State Relays (Replace old obsolete individual protection relays with new technology multifunction relays)
  • Special Considerations
  • Site Visit concerns (Site Audit service)


FIRST STEP: Site Audit – We see this as key to a successful project and why Enercon Engineering, Inc. will consistently deliver a world-class experience and solution. See and review while documenting existing equipment. Provide evaluation and recommendations.  Discuss with customer what equipment will remain and what must be replaced. Discuss any external equipment we may need to operate or interface with and any associated requirements. Discuss physical site processes – timing, downtime, testing time, alternate power source needed, etc. Please contact us for an appointment.

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