At the heart of any power generation system is the performance and reliability of the control systems. While control systems are often integrated into the switchgear line up, other options include:

Separate Standby Control Lineups
Wall Mounted Controls
Control Consoles
Engine/Generator Controls

UL508 Panel Builder

Enercon controls control over 14 gigawats of power, that is four times the size of America’s largest coal power plant and 14 times the size of most nuclear power plants.

Enercon has the capability and experience to meet all of your unique control application needs.

Enercon provides our customers custom designed solutions for power generation controls. These controls consist of:

Metering: Analog/Digital
Protective Relaying

Electro Mechanical

Solid State


Engine Start/Stop Controls
Turbine Start/Stop Controls
Sound Attenuation
System Paralleling
Integration with Building Management Controls
Integration with Existing Site Systems
PLC Control System

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