As the main hub in Asia, Enercon Singapore has been providing power controls solutions to power system companies all around the Asia Continent since 1994.

Enercon’s full range of power generation products enable us to provide you with a design that integrates all of the components into a totally coordinated project, all from one source, eliminating the need to rely on several suppliers each of whom can handle only part of your project’s requirements.

Enercon Asia Pte Ltd is “YOUR ONE SOURCE” for your power generation needs.



About Us

Since its incorporation in 2012, Enercon Systems International Pvt. Ltd. is continuously expanding & diversifying its business by investing in local talented engineers, who receive exceptional training utilizing the newest technology.

Enercon Pakistan offers 24/7 services support to all our customers in Pakistan and the Middle East Region.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Our Solutions

  • Master / Generator Synchronizing & Controls
  • Online UPS & DC Charger / Rectifiers
  • Current Electric CTs and PTs
  • Customized Trainings
  • Installation Services
  • Solar Products


About Us

Enercon Systems International Philippines Corporation is a complete system solution provider for customized genset controls. The company was established in April 18, 2013.

Enercon products are backed up by the industry’s finest and most responsive service support system. Our staff of field service engineers and technicians are highly skilled in power generation and are available to provide after-sales service support anytime, anywhere worldwide. Our technicians are also available for start-up commissioning or regular maintenance service.

Enercon products is the heart of any power generation systems, thus, we ensure to our clients the performance and reliability of our control systems by integrating components that comes from most reputable suppliers.

As a system solution provider, we are looking forward for other opportunities in the market on bigger scale for both local and international to share our capabilities and to meet the continuous demands by providing high quality and better products.

Our Solutions



-Preventive maintenance of Switchgear which includes: Protective Relay Test, ACB Trip Test, Contact Resistance Test, Insulation Resistance Test, Power Quality Analysis, Harmonics Analysis, Infrared Thermal Imaging of Switchgear.


-Control and Power Cable Installation
-Bus duct Installation
-Electrical Equipment Installation
-Switchgear Retrofitting and modification works.


About Us

Myanmar Enercon Solutions was incorporated in Feb 2017. Enercon products has been in Myanmar since 10 years ago. The purpose of setting up an office in Myanmar is to provide existing customers better pre and post sales services. As a principle, we support our local customer by participating in meeting with end user and provide expertise. At the same time, we are to look for new opportunity and explore new market segment

Our Solutions

Design and Manufacturing of Power Generation Solutions


  • Open/Sound Proof Generator (Prime/Standby)
  • Generator Canopy


  • Auto Main failure Panels (AMF)
  • Automatic Synchronizing Switchgear (Sync Panel)
  • Standby Paralleling Controls
  • Utility Paralleling
  • Automatic Transfer Switches (both LV and MV)
  • Medium Voltage Switchgear (ANSI and IEC)
  • Low Voltage Switchgear up to 600V (UL Listed 891 & 1558; IEC 439 Type Tested)
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Engine Mounted Control Panels
  • Wall Mounted Control Panels
  • Remote Annunciators
  • Engine Mounted Circuit Breaker Boxes & Installation
  • Synchronizing Controller/ Auto start/stop Controller
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels
  • Capacitor Bank
  • Neutral grounding Resistor Panel (NGR)
  • Load bank



About Us

Enercon has been serving in the fast-growing industrial sector of Bangladesh since 2003 with highest integrity, commitment and expert solutions. So far, more than 1300 Switchgear controls panels have been delivered to customers in Bangladesh by Enercon.

In the year 2014 PG controls Ltd, which is owned by Enercon Group, took over Enercon Bangladesh operations for strengthening Enercon support and services in fast-growing industrial sector of Bangladesh.

Our Solutions

  • Generator Control and Synchronizing Switch Gear
  • Utility Synchronizing Switch Gear
  • Automatic Transfer Switches to 15kV
  • Medium Voltage Switchgear to 34.5kV (ANSI and IEC)
  • Low Voltage Switchgear to 600V (UL Listed 891 & 1558; IEC 439 Type Tested)
  • Transformers
  • Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
  • Generator Mounted Control Panels
  • Wall Mounted Control Panels
  • Remote Annunciators
  • Generator Mounted Circuit Breaker Boxes
  • Synchronizing Kits
  • Automatic Power Factor Correction Panels
  • Neutral Grounding Resistor and Switches Panels