The Enercon Engineering Value Paralleling switchgear standard features include automatic starting, synchronizing and load controls for package gensets rated to 3200kW, 480V/5kV/15kV, 3 phase 3/4 wire,  50/60 hertz, 0-5000 full load amperes.  Common applications include Auto Mains Fail, import-export, cogeneration or distributed generation among others.



  • Operational modes:
    Auto & Manual Start/Stop, full load / no load test modes via discrete input possible.
  • Breaker Control:
    Slip frequency / phase matching synchronization, open-close control, breaker monitoring.
  • Load transfer features:
    open / closed transition, interchange, soft loading / unloading mains parallel.Engine starting and cranking controls.Complete integrated engine and generator protection as well as mains monitoring features.Real and reactive power load sharing for up to 32 units.Governor and AVR bias signals for synchronizing, kW and kVAR load sharing with multiple generators.First up sensing and dead bus closing.Counters for operating hours / engine starts / engine hours / maintenance / active energy / reactive energy.Configurable trip levels / delay timers / alarm classes for monitoring and protective functions.Multi-level password protection for access via HMI or interface.300 point event log and status information.


  • Wall Mount 36”H x 30”W x 12”D Floor Standing 78”H x 36”W x 48”D

NEMA Rating

  • Nema 1 metal enclosed for indoor use with front access via hinged doors


  • Finish Color: RAL 7035 light gray, control panel with white relay panel.

Generator protections

  • 25 Synch Check
  • 81O/U Over / Under Frequency27 Under
  • Voltage
  • 59 Over Voltage32 Reverse Power
  • 55 Power Factor46
  • Unbalanced Load
  • 50 Instantaneous Overcurrent51 Timed Overcurrent


  • Can Bus communication interfaces
  • Available: RS-232/485 Modbus RTU slave interfaces
  • MODBUS TCP/Interface
  • Advanced LCD display
  • Voltage Metering
  • Soft keys for start / stop logic
  • Frequency Metering
  • Soft keys for breaker control
  • Current Metering

HMI Interface

  • Soft keys for Automatic / Manual / Stop Modes
  • Active / Reactive Power Metering
  • Manual voltage raise / lower control
  • Discrete Input / Output monitoring
  • Manual speed raise / lower control
  • Analog Input / Output Monitoring
  • Manual load control
  • Battery Voltage Monitoring
  • Value Paralleling Switchg

Switchboard ratings through 600V, 5000A, 65kA

Top or bottom cable entry available

Up to 32 Unit Generator Controls

Utility Paralleling Controls

Open, Closed and Soft Load / Unload Modes of Operation

Supports Prime Power, Stand-by and Import/Export Applications

UL 489 Listed Circuit Breakers Up To 5000A

LSI(G) Electronic Trip Units