Our Story

Enercon was founded in 1975 by Ed Tangel & Bill Rogers, along with Bill Steele, Bill Phelps & Diz Small. Or, “EB3 & D” – that was a fun way to say it – which is consistent with one of Ed’s fundamental purposes for starting Enercon… to have fun!  After all, if we are to spend a 1/3rd of our lives together, it will be better for all if we do so in a way that is fun, engaging and enjoyable.  To greet each day with a smile, with passion and commitment to help others, authentically engaged in the moment, creating custom solutions for ourselves and our customers, employees and partners – this is Ed’s philosophy, and it permeates throughout our organization.

Ed was ahead of his time, as from the very beginning he chose the “stakeholder” orientation to running Enercon, being concerned with all four fundamental stakeholders of any business – shareholders, employees, customers & vendor/partners – in that order.  So long as each of those constituencies are listened to and cared for effectively – Ed knew Enercon would thrive.  And, hence the work day and work place with this mood provides daily opportunities to live, love & laugh together – FUN!

After being transferred from NY to IL to take over the Sales Management of REDCO, Ed shortly concluded that while he enjoyed the people he was working with, the practice/processes and habits of the organization was not whole & complete.  His assessment was that with his inclusive orientation, this group of people were capable of producing great things, so long as they were grounded in fundamental principles of openness, commitment & service.  And, that is what he created at Enercon – a group of individuals who have come together to provide their highest level of service, openly sharing their knowledge & expertise in tailoring our offers to meet the specific needs and concerns of all four stakeholders unique situations, and following that up with life-long product support.

With this orientation Enercon grew from its humble beginnings in a 5000 sq. ft. “garage”, to a world-wide multi-national organization with equipment in over 100 countries and a sales/service presence in six countries.  Below is a brief list of the major events in our history, followed by a detailed description, and ending with the plans for our future and how we hope to provide help to the world.

  • 1975 Founded in Chillicothe, IL
  • 1982 Acquired Custom Engineering, a local packager
  • 1994 Established Singapore – Sales/Service office
    • 2002 Added Design and Manufacturing in Singapore
    • 2009 Acquired Contract Manufacture in Singapore
  • 1997 Enercon wins the Deployable Power Generation & Distribution System program (DPGDS)
    • Builds 125 units for Department of Defense
  • 2000 Established Manufacturing in Barnesville, GA
  • 2004 Established a Bangladesh Sales/Service office
  • 2007 Enercon wins THAAD Program
  • 2008 Acquired Water Treatment Company – Sobrite Technologies
  • 2010 Established 3rd Manufacturing plant in USA – Phoenix, AZ
  • 2012 Enercon Asia opens two Sales/Service branch’s: Pakistan & Philippines
  • 2014 Enercon Asia opens Myanmar Sales/Service branch
  • 2016 Enercon reorganizes into three divisions –
    • Integrated Energy Solutions – Switchgear and Specialty Electrical Controls
    • Engineered Solutions – mechanical packaging of equipment/customized solutions
    • Integrated Defense Solutions – Military & Government Integrated Systems
  • 2017 Enercon sells Genset Packaging IP, and exits genset packaging marketplace
    • Closing Arizona and Barnesville manufacturing
  • 2019 Enercon Integrated Defense Solutions wins six unit order for THAAD Program
  • 2019 Enercon Integrated Energy Solutions wins first product for small production run of customized UL508 control panel

That has been our history, and now we are moving into our future – what will it bring. Our plans continue to be grounded in providing unique custom solutions for the challenges our customers face. In addition, we are now looking at building and designing new products, expanding into specialty control panels outside of power generation.