Leadership Team

Ed Tangel

Chairman / Founder

In 1975, Ed Tangel and Bill Rogers formed Enercon Engineering, Inc. to provide switchgear and control systems for the world wide engine-generator set marketplace. The founding principle of our organization is to provide help by actualizing our potential, through telling the truth (especially to ourselves), being passionate about how we help and respecting the knowledge of others; and we have fun in the process!

Ed served the country as a 1st Lieutenant in the Corp of Engineers during the Korean War, and then moved on to complete his Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering at NYU. Ed has been married to his loving wife, Beatrice, for 64 years, has five children and seventeen grandchildren.

Ed began his work with a turbine power plant construction company by the name of Combustion Engineering. From there, he worked as engine generator applications engineer at White Motor Company. In 1959, Ed joined Republic Electric Development Company (REDCO), a Peoria based company where he held the role of East Coast Regional Sales Manager. In 1971, Ed was promoted to the role of National Sales Manager and moved to Central Illinois.

Founding Enercon in 1975, Ed and his team focused on the export marketplace. They had immediate success in the Middle East which continued their export focus. With his travels to visit Enercon’s customers all over the world, Ed learned that you must be able to understand and relate to the local cultures and honor their customs. In all relationships, integrity – being whole and complete, trustworthy and candid – is of most importance.

Larry Tangel


Larry Tangel is the CEO of Enercon Engineering, Inc.  He joined Enercon in 1990 in the capacity of Marketing Manager and has held various managerial positions, including Sales, Engineering and Product Support.  In 2002 Larry was made the General Manager of Enercon and in 2007 he was named their CEO.

Prior to joining Enercon, Larry spent 10 years working in the Financial Industry in Chicago, where his last position was as the Margins Manager of an Institutional Bond trading firm, responsible for daily investments of $10-20 million.

Larry served on the board of the United States Clean Heat & Power Association (USCHPA) from 2000-2004, and as Chairman in 2003-04.

In 2004, Larry graduated from The Aji Network’s Business Professional Course, 2-year course of study, on the fundamentals of career and business strategies necessary to achieve one’s ambitions.  The Aji Network is a business education organization, dedicated to helping ambitious businesspeople design, craft and achieve worthwhile goals and objectives to fulfill on their lifestyle, financial and business ambitions.  He remains active and engaged in learning and deepening his knowledge and capacity in the philosophy of business, career and ambition.

Nick Keever


As President at Enercon Engineering, Nick Keever is responsible for all operations of the company and his focus is on delivering excellence to our partners. Nick graduated from Illinois State University, and since beginning his career in 1999 has led nearly every team within Enercon at some point. During his tenure at Enercon, Nick has had many company successes, including leading the achievement of Enercon’s ISO certification, response to the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster, and securing the Prime Power Unit for the THAAD (Terminal High Altitude Area Defense) system as part of the Missile Defense Agency’s Ballistic Missile Defense Strategy.

Paul Madeley

Vice President Integrated Energy Solutions

Paul has responsibility for our Integrated Energy Solutions business which produces custom switchgear & control systems for the power generation industry.

Paul joined Enercon in 2016 and initially served as the Director of Operations for our Genset Packaging Business. Prior to joining Enercon, Paul held a variety of positions in his 22 years with F.G. Wilson & Caterpillar, where he built deep expertise in Operations, Lean Manufacturing, & Supply Chain. He is a certified Lean & 6 Sigma Master Black Belt.

A native of Northern Ireland, Paul graduated from the Queen’s University of Belfast with a Bachelor’s degree in Aeronautical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Manufacturing Systems Engineering.

John Heth


John Heth is the Controller of Enercon Engineering, Inc. He came to work for Enercon in August 2013. John attended the University of Illinois, Champaign-Urbana and graduated in 1981 with a B.S. in Accountancy. John passed the CPA examination in 1981. With 38 years’ experience in accounting – approximately 16 years in public practice and 22 years in private industry, primarily in manufacturing, John has been a great addition to the Enercon team!

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