SCADA Systems

SCADA Systems

Enercon SCADA systems provide customized control and monitoring capability to meet the specific needs of each site. Connection can be made to virtually any site device which has a communication capability.

Enercon SCADA systems are engineered and developed completely “in house” so the headaches of having a third party developer coordinate with the switchgear manufacturer is eliminated. Clients can discuss their needs with our SCADA developers on a direct basis, avoiding confusion and delays. Our SCADA designers are experts on switchgear and generator systems, so they understand what is important to operating personnel. Enercon’s SCADA programmers design the system with the operating personnel’s needs in mind.

Enercon SCADA systems are designed for ease of use, and allow for several ways to navigate between screens. A menu at the bottom of each screen allows for direct movement to the main system screen.

Screens that involve user inputs and commands are provided with help screens to provide additional information and descriptions. The computer and SCADA system is designed with several layers of security for access to commands. Operator name and password controls the amount of access allowed by different personnel.

Enercon SCADA systems can be modified and upgraded as site parameters change, avoiding unnecessary costs for a new system when changes are needed. Additional features can be added based on operating experience and need.

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