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At the heart of any power generation system is the performance and reliability of superior control systems and switchgear.

Enercon manufactures custom designed switchgear for low and medium voltage applications. Low voltage is defined as any voltage level below 600 volt and medium voltage is defined as voltage between 601 and 15,000 volts.

Enercon low voltage bussing is designed to meet UL891 requirements, and can be labeled as such. We also manufacture UL1558 and medium voltage labeled switchgear. Specifications sometimes require the controls and switchgear to be in separate line ups, and we have the capability to meet these specifications.

Enercon typically integrates these separate functions into a control/switchgear line up. This benefits our customers by:

  • Reducing required floor space
  • Reducing site interconnects
  • Accelerating installation time
  • Provides the customer with the same┬ácapabilities at a reduced cost

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