“We fight power problems for you!”

Tactical Power tailored solutions include sheltered power systems which meet tactical transportation and emplacement specifications – integrating your genset with necessary ancillary equipment to produce your required power solution.

In partnership with Milton-CAT, we design, manufacture and test the Prime Power Unit (PPU) for the Missile Defense Agency’s premiere THAAD Missile Defense system. Our PPUs are in service world-wide providing essential power to critical missile defense systems 24/7.

Allow us to demonstrate our unique ability to solve complex power problems with ingenuity, speed and budgetary efficiency!

We stand ready to produce your custom tactical power solution that will drastically increase your sustainability and survivability in any area of operation.

Enercon IDSEnercon IDS has manufactured Prime Power Units with zero defects for a decade!
C-5 GalaxyC-5 Galaxy military transport aircraft offloading our Prime Power Unit!

THAAD Prime Power Unit, 2 x 1200 HP Diesel engines,1.3 Megawatts of continuous 4,160-volt 3 phase power!