Complete Solutions

Enercon’s expertise extends beyond the electrical controls and switchgear of an on-site power project. Our approach to helping our clients is solutions-based, versus product-based, which means we ask the questions required to ensure a coordinated system, which provides the power… your way!

Additionally, with our in house load-testing capability, we can set up a full functional “string test” to ensure all of the equipment works together, as intended, before delivery!

Custom Engineering

With over 250 years of combined experience in our Design, Application & Field Service Engineering groups, we have the knowledge AND expertise to design and produce integrated control and/or switchgear that will meet your needs. Let our innovative team of Engineers help you keep your lights on!

Worldwide Service

After the sale, the most important help is how the product is being serviced. Enercon’s team of field service engineers and technicians are available 24/7/365… anywhere in the world!

The key to an effective onsite power plant is continual service and support from your equipment suppliers. We are committed to providing the service to ensure the reliability and resiliency of your power systems.

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